After nearly two decades of success in the United Kingdom, Greencore, a leading international convenience foods company, has brought to the American market the same values, attention to detail, safe food preparation practices, and quality management programs that characterize our brand. In the short time we have been in the United States, the company has positioned itself to be a significant player in the convenience food market, as well as an important regional employer and purchaser of local food products.  As we grow, we continue to adapt our products and services to meet the needs of American consumers and the communities in which our facilities are located.
Greencore is best known for providing “grab and go” packaged food options (sandwiches, salads, sushi, entrees and desserts) in grocery stores and convenience chains.  When forming partnerships with our customers, we strive to develop products that take advantage of innovative cooking methods, meet current trends, and offer a variety of flavor and health profiles.  Based on a foundation of real enthusiasm for food at every level, we use the freshest ingredients and world class manufacturing processes to ensure the delivery of the finest products to our customers.
Upon entry to the US in 2008, Greencore, has steadily expanded operations.  We currently operate seven facilities and service more than twenty-five states, and have recent contracts and acquisitions generating business in New England, the mid-Atlantic, Midwest, and Western part of the country. We invite you to tour our website, learn more about our business model, products, and manufacturing principles, and see for yourself our commitment to the freshest and highest quality foods.


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