Rossís pickles were established in 1918 by founder James Ross, who used his war gratuity to start a small business making pickles in his kitchen in Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne. James created his own vinegar blends and he and his wife, Bessie, were a familiar sight as they made their regular deliveries by horse and cart to pubs and clubs around Newcastle.
Once one of the leading independent pickle manufacturers in the UK with one of the most iconic food brands in the North East, Rossís recipes were handed down the generations and remained family owned until 2007, when the brand was bought by Greencore Grocery.
The Rossís brand is of particular value to shoppers in the north east of England, given that it was once made there and therefore has a longstanding history in the region.  The Rossís brand can offer a comprehensive range of Pickles, our Beetroot and Cabbage are guaranteed to be of UK origin and weíve just added a Sweet Piccalilli to the range.
Greencore has recently engaged with the public with Rossís through a PR campaign on Rossís, predominantly focusing on inspiring shoppers in the north east of England to eat more pickles during the summer.  Activities have included establishing an online presence on twitter and Pinterest and creating an inspirational recipe leaflet.  We have also been conducting sampling activity around the region.

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