Providing safe, authentic and excellent quality food is at the heart of what we do at Greencore.

Each of our manufacturing facilities is compliant with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). They are also certified to the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety through its unannounced audit programme.

In FY18 our facilities received 295 audits by external bodies including customers and assured standards certification bodies.

We have a rigorous supplier approval process managed by the central technical team, with audit and surveillance based on risk assessment. In addition, our Subject Matter Experts make numerous visits to suppliers.

Where we purchase materials from agents and brokers, these are required to be BRC accredited. We also require BRC certification for storage and distribution suppliers.

Greencore Group is part of the Food Industry Initiative on Antimicrobials which has the stated vision of ‘Retailers, manufacturers, processors and food service companies coming together to promote and support responsible antimicrobial use and action on antimicrobial resistance‘. The intention of this initiative is to support and engage with existing industry groups working in this area, ensuring work is aligned, avoiding duplication of effort and it has 3 key working groups on Responsible Use, Data and Research & Development.

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