“Going for 4” was the slogan to achieve four years no lost time injuries, and the Minneapolis team succeeded! On July 9, 2016 the team achieved four years no lost time injuries due to the dedication and hard work of the entire team.

Charissa Mieseler, Human Resources and EHS Manager for the site attributes the site accomplishment to, “hard work and taking care of the many, many little things every day.” The site leadership was focused on constantly reminding all employees to be safe and that the goal was four years. These constant reminders led to employees staying focused on safety and working with the leadership teams to improve safety across the site.

In keeping with the Greencore Way, a party was held to recognize and reward everyone’s contributions and efforts to be healthy and safe. The team enjoyed an old fashioned cookout that was served by the Minneapolis leadership team and prepared by employee volunteers.

As the party concluded, the team is already working toward five years no lost time injuries, with their slogan being, “Strive for 5” for the entire team to rally around and achieve five years no lost time.

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