Our investment case

Why invest in Greencore?



FY20 has been a year like never before, when Greencore has shown true purpose. Together, we have focused on keeping our people safe, feeding the UK and protecting our business. In doing so, we have drawn on the strong culture and exceptional capabilities within our organisation and further
deepened our relationships with our stakeholders.


Our strategy in action

We are explicitly a growth-oriented company, constantly seeking to operate and win in categories, channels and with customers that outperform
the overall food market.

Our ability to do this is based on ever-increasing relevance both with our customers and the end consumer, grounded in the quality of products that we produce and the depth of the relationships we build.

We differentiate through a distinctive, repeatable ‘Greencore Way’ of working that in turn draws on four critical elements – our recognition that our people are at the core of our success, our unrelenting commitment to producing great food, an aspiration for excellence in all that we do and a desire to continuously improve the sustainability of our business.

These pillars have remained relevant throughout FY20, despite a radically altered business environment resulting from the COVID-19 disruption.


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