Results Centre


Results Centre

In this section you can download the most recent financial statements and presentations.

FY20 at a glance

Results for the year ending 25 September 2020
£1,264.7m -12.5%
Pro Forma Revenue Growth:
Adjusted EBITDA:
£85.0m -40.1%
Adjusted Operating Profit:
£32.5m -69.2%
Adjusted Operating Margin:
2.6% -470bps


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Upcoming Events

26.01.21 AGM & Q1 FY21 Trading Update

Greencore Group plc has released its FY21 Q1 Trading Update.

A conference call for investors and analysts has taken place and a replay of the conference call is available with details below.

Click here to hear an audio recording of the Q1 Trading Statement conference call.

24.02.21 Greencore Sustainability Seminar

We were delighted to invite analysts and institutional investors  to our Sustainability Seminar on 24 February. We brought to life the sustainability report and strategy that we released in November 2020 (click here), as well as providing more detail on some of the key projects and specific work areas and case studies that are currently in progress across the business.

Please use this link to view the webcast replay.

25.05.21 FY21 H1 Results

Greencore Group plc has announced its H1 21 results.

An audio webcast is available with details below:

27.07.21 FY21 Q3 Trading Update

Greencore Group plc has released its Q3 FY21 trading update. The results statement and the audio file and transcript of the investor conference call can be downloaded here.

24.09.21 FY21 Period End
30.11.21 FY21 Results

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