Global confectionery manufacturer, Perfetti Van Melle, has partnered with Greencore, to produce a celebration cake under the iconic international lollipop brand, Chupa Chups. The product leverages Chupa Chups’ unique heritage and strong emotional connection with sweet lovers across the globe, targeting tweens, teens and the young at heart. The colourful cake is presented with 12 strawberry flavoured Chupa Chups lollipops and launched on March 20thin ASDA stores.

Since 1958, Chupa Chups® is an iconic confectionery brand that has become a part of popular culture and a generic name for round lollipops in many countries. It is globally renowned for its colourful imagery and unique flavour profile, lending itself well to extensions outside of the core confectionery area.

Marta Ballesteros, Licensing Area Manager at Perfetti van Melle, said, “Chupa Chups as a brand has an incredibly strong connection with its consumers, and the sweet and fun nature of the product transfers perfectly to a celebration cake.  Greencore have created a unique concept based on the iconic shape of the famous lollipop, which truly celebrates our distinct visual identity and reflects the forever fun factor of the brand.”

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