On Friday 31st of July Greencore Bow, London hosted 3rd year Sainsburys graduates for their first ever mock live audit assessment.

The challenge was given by Debbie Barnes (Sainsburys) on how Bow could manipulate the factory to stage fundamental, critical and major issues to allow the candidates a real life situation to control as an auditor would.

The factory went to great lengths including running a line using office staff on our no production day and given each candidate a technical manager and paperwork to audit. Each graduate was given 4 hours to open, audit, assess and close the visit as per Sainsburys requirements.

It turned out to be a huge success for both Greencore and Sainsburys. Our feeling were echoed by Sainsburys team who have commented to their contacts on many levels.

We look forward to welcoming graduates in the future in our continuous partnership with Sainsburys.

Technical Team, Bow

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