Fear and anxiety are possibly the most common emotional responses any of us will feel as we start to think about changes to our routine again. Finding a way to get ourselves through the last few months took a lot of emotional energy and we may have found a place that lets us cope, that we don’t want to leave behind just yet.

Talking about your feelings can help you stay in good mental health and deal with times like these when you feel troubled.

Reaching out for help isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s part of taking control of your wellbeing and doing what you can to stay healthy.

Did you know?

  • Every year, 1 in 4 UK people are affected by a mental health problem
  • UK adults are not taking the time to switch off – spending an average of 8 hours and 41 minutes a day on media devices, compared with the average night’s sleep of 8 hours and 21 minutes
  • Over the past year, 74% of people have at some point felt so stressed that they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope
  • Just under half of women and over a third of men spend less than 30 minutes a day up on their feet during working hours

Talking can be a way to cope with a problem you’ve been carrying around in your head for a while. Just being listened to can help you feel supported and less alone, giving you time to switch off completely. And it works both ways. If you open up, it might encourage others to do the same.

If you don’t feel comfortable speaking with someone you know, Greencore can help.

Keeping a healthy mindset

It can be hard to stay motivated when all the days blend into one. Get back your sense of drive and find out different ways to encourage yourself and regain control over anxiety. Use the helpful tips in this healthy mindset factsheet to keep positive and motivated each day.


Have you reached out to Greencore’s confidential support service? Whether you’re working in our factories, from home, or supporting the business on furlough, Talk2Us is available for you. If you need additional support, advice or a listening ear, you can talk to our volunteers on  01246 385290 or email Talk2Us@greencore.com Monday to Friday, 8.30am – 4.30pm.


The GroceryAid Helpline is available 24/7, 365 days a year to all colleagues, past and present, regardless of length of service:


As well as their helpline, GroceryAid can provide immediate access to counselling support, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and specialist advice on emotional and practical day to day issues.

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

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