Edible Oils and Molasses trading is made up of Trilby Trading, Premier and United Molasses as well as the Group’s surplus property assets.

Trilby Trading is Ireland’s leading importer and distributor of vegetable oils and fats for the food processing industry. The Company sells in excess of 75,000 tonnes of product each year to customers in Ireland, the United Kingdom and Holland.

For more information and contact details visit www.trilbytrading.com

Premier Molasses and UMI, both jointly owned with United Molasses, operate 3 port located tanker terminals, importing and storing cane and beet molasses. The business sells and distributes to a range of animal feed and industrial customers in Ireland.

For more information and contact details visit please visit: Premier Molasses and UMI

Related Property is managed by a specialist team and continues to focus on maximising the value available to shareholders from all our property assets.

Edible Oils & Molasses Trading

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