Code of Business Practice

1. General Principles

The fundamental principles of the Code are:

  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Legality


Greencore and its subsidiary companies (“the Group”) shall observe the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

This principle has a number of practical implications for Greencore. It means:

  • not abusing confidential information for the Group’s gain;
  • avoiding corporate gifts or hospitality which might affect the Group’s ability to make independent judgement;and
  • avoiding misrepresenting the Group’s position or being misleading.


Greencore shall maintain confidentiality in relation to business transactions.

The implications of such a principle are:

  • ensuring that the Group’s and customers’ information is safeguarded;
  • exercising care in the course of communicating information. The need for observing confidentiality in regard to Group affairs is paramount. The disclosure or release of confidential information, directly or indirectly, to any party not specifically authorised by the Group to receive it, represents a gross breach of trust which can be highly damaging to the Group and is strictly prohibited. So also is the misuse, directly or indirectly, of confidential information or the disclosure of proprietary information, for example in relation to competitive matters, or in relation to new activities or in relation to contract or property transactions; and
  • ensuring that no improper use is made of such confidential information. Directors shall take particular care to adequately safeguard all Group documents. A Director, on ceasing to be such, is personally responsible for ensuring that all Group documents in his or her possession are returned to the Group and that no copies are retained or other means of reproducing the same.


Greencore shall comply with the relevant laws in the jurisdictions in which it operates or does business.

This shall involve:

  • fulfilling all regulatory and supervisory obligations imposed on the Group;
  • avoiding false, inaccurate or misleading entries in records or submission of false records to the authorities;
  • not engaging in any illegal or criminal activities; and
  • ensuring that it does not engage in anti-competitive conduct in the market-place.

2. The Work Environment

Greencore shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that the work environment:

  • is free of discrimination based on race, colour, religion or sex;
  • is free of any practices on conduct which amount to racial, religious or sexual harassment; and
  • that all personal information about employees is secured and remains confidential.

3. Acquiring Information

Greencore shall not seek to gain information or business secrets by improper means.

4. Political Activities

Greencore subsidiaries shall not make contributions to political parties.

5. Environment

Greencore shall seek to ensure that its activities are not harmful or detrimental to the natural environment.

Greencore shall ensure compliance with all relevant environmental legislation.

6. Directors and Employees

Greencore shall seek to ensure that its directors and employees act in accordance with the principles outlined above.

In this regard Directors of the Group shall disclose any interest they have which might conflict with their responsibilities to Greencore. In particular Directors should disclose any activity which might compete with Greencore directly or indirectly.

Directors shall be circumspect in their dealings with third parties so as not to suggest or imply that they are prepared to intervene with the Group on their behalf in any unusual or abnormal fashion.

The Directors, as a Board and individually shall endeavour to ensure that any employee of Greencore or director or employee of a subsidiary company acts in accordance with the principles of this Code.


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