Our site in Selby produces ambient products that by their nature have a long shelf life. This enables the team to work extensively with the local foodbank.

Throughout the year Greencore colleagues who use the site shop can buy jars of product and donate them directly to the Selby & District Foodbank.

In the run up to Christmas all site staff at Selby were given a £5 voucher to use to buy Greencore products from our site shop, as a small thank you for their hard work throughout the year. This equated to 30 jars per voucher.

This Christmas we gave all staff the opportunity to donate all, or some, of their jars to the Selby Foodbank. We were delighted with the response, with almost 2500 jars being donated.

This means that the foodbank has been able to build up their stock to ensure that they can continue to help the most vulnerable people in our community.

A big well done to everyone at our Selby site who donated, it has made a huge difference.

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