Last Friday several Greencore our technical degree apprenticeship graduates attended an event at Nottingham Trent University where they presented senior managers and mentors ideas they have been working on for new drink concepts.

Technical Director Martin Ford said: “It was clear the Greencore team had given the project a lot of thought focusing on things such as taste, texture and appearance. It was also really encouraging to see some of the great thinking they had done around nutritional value and ingredient sustainability. Those of us who were there to hear the presentations were very impressed with the concepts the graduates shared with us.

A number of the mentors who support colleagues that are going through our degree apprenticeship programme and Greencore Qualifications also attended the day. I want to thank them for the ongoing support they provide.

I’m really encouraged to see the value we’re continuing to get as a business from the training and development opportunities we offer our colleagues to help them grow their careers with Greencore.”

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