As we continue to take every step possible to ensure the wellbeing of our colleagues and minimise the risk of coronavirus at Greencore, we are bringing forward our planned move to online payslips for weekly paid colleagues.

Over the next week, our HR team will support weekly paid colleagues to ensure a smooth transition, so they are able to access their payslip information online.

If this applies to you, you’ll need to access your online payslip through our My Core Benefits portal. If you don’t have a My Core Benefits account, we have provided some guidance on how you can do this – click here to open the guide. You can also view a video tutorial for either accessing via a mobile phone or accessing via a desktop computer below.

Once online payslips are available, you will no longer receive paper payslips at your workplace. Instead, you’ll be able to view your payslip online, any time you want.

What are the benefits of electronic payslips?

    • Helping us minimise the risk of coronavirus at Greencore
    • An individual secure profile accessible 24 hours a day/365 days a year
    • Being able to view your payslips the day before pay day and earlier than you currently receive them at site
    • Printing and downloading your payslips/P60s/P11Ds directly to your computer, tablet or smart phone
    • Your payslips will never get lost or misplaced
    • They’re more environmentally friendly and enable a significant cost saving for our business
    • Access to historic payslip data as well as being able to view your P60s and P11d statements (this facility will be available at a later date)


How do I access my electronic payslips?

The first thing you need to do, if you haven’t already, is register with My Core Benefits – our online colleague benefit portal. To do this, you’ll need to go to: PDF provides a step-by-step guide.

Once you’ve logged in, your payslip will be available on the tile called ‘Payslip Portal’ on your homepage.

International Translations

The following translations have been prepared locally, and may be subject to small errors:


If you have any issues or queries logging on to My Core Benefits please contact them directly via phone on 0203 780 1891 or email at


Legal information

We are moving to online payslips to ensure that we fulfil our legal obligation of providing our colleagues with payslips in the way outlined above.

To facilitate online payslips, we need to share your name, date of birth, National Insurance number and employee/payroll ID with My Core Benefits Rewards Gateway to verify users and ensure you are the only person who can access your payslips. We will share your payslips with Paragon, who will upload these on to our online payslip portal.

In the event of you no longer working for Greencore, your personal data will be kept by our data processors for a maximum of 60 days from your last day of employment.

For more details about Data Protection and your rights you can contact our Data Compliance and Reporting Manager Joelle Taylor, and you can also visit the Information Commissioner’s Office website

Download the How to Access My Core Benefits User Guide here.

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