Before starting the Degree Apprenticeship Trainee Programme in September, I had no experience in the food sector at all. Now, I’ve developed an understanding of the site, its requirements and my responsibilities – being able to lead on tasks already.

I used to work for an online sales company so for me to transition from that to working in factories within the food industry; it was a massive change and not one that I ever saw myself doing. Yet, after I learnt about Greencore and the programme, I decided to take the step forward and change careers.

Already the programme has had a big impact on me. It’s really boosted my confidence in terms of speaking in front of a group, and the way I view challenges has definitely changed and improved too.

My development started from the very beginning at the 2-week group induction, which is still one of the most rewarding experiences so far. I think it was a great indication of how much Greencore meant what they advertised about the role.

I had prepared a presentation on the Greencore Way before joining, so I knew what to expect, but actually experiencing it first-hand was great. The induction focused on us as individuals and employees.

The sessions we had were not only about Greencore and the food sector, but beneficial for us on a personal level too. Visiting the sites, getting used to the procedures and atmosphere was valuable experience, and made us feel like part of Greencore before we even visited our own sites.

The most impressive thing though is the ongoing development and support. Everyone you meet offers their help and we’re constantly in different scenarios, learning on the job and attending various events.

I believe in leaving an impact on the world around us, no matter how small it is, and working for Greencore satisfies this need for me.

Not only are they looking to the future with this programme, providing a sense of stability and motivation, but they’re also involved in so many charitable and good causes that it makes working for them about more than just personal development.

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