Although COVID-19 is still very much part of our lives, it’s great to see the UK return to Plan A restrictions and many colleagues who have been working from home now able to return to our sites. Change to our daily routine will take time to adjust to and it’s important to be kind to ourselves and others as we go through this period of adjustment.

This quarter, we are focusing on mental health – being emotionally healthy is essential for living a balanced and happy life – it plays an important part in our relationships with others and the choices we make. It also helps us to cope with change and stressful situations.

Today is Time to Talk Day

We asked some of our colleagues about dealing with mental health – here are their hints, tips, and stories. Mental health affects everyone – whether it’s you or a colleague, family member or friend – it’s likely someone you know is struggling right now.


This month, we want to encourage everyone to get talking – here’s a few ideas of what you can do:

  • Put a 30-minute call in the diary with a colleague, friend, or family member instead of sending an email/text
  • Take a break for lunch and have a chat with someone over a sandwich
  • Take your usual 1-2-1 outside of the norm and ask if your colleague is okay and really listen to their response


These small things can make a BIG difference. So…who will you talk to this Time to Talk Day?


Join our Mental Health webinar

On Monday 21 February at 12pm, Adrian Thomas, Mental Health Speaker will join us to explore what we mean by mental health, leaving us with hints and tips to put into action to lead a more happy and healthy life, and better understand how we can support others.


Understanding Mental Health Factsheet

Mental health can impact your thoughts and how you react to different situations. Read this factsheet to help you build resilience and support others who you know may be struggling.


Making your mind matter with our Wellbeing Centre

Last month, we launched our Wellbeing Centre which is available to all Greencore colleagues. Take time to log on and look at the Mind area where you will find video’s, articles, hints and tips for a healthier and happier mind.


Talk with Grocery Aid

Our charity partner GroceryAid are available for all kinds of help and support via their 24/7 confidential helpline on 08088 021 122 or via their website at


Remember it’s ok not to be ok. Take time to talk this February.

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