Non-financial KPIs

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The Group uses a set of Key Performance Indicators (‘KPIs’) to measure the performance of its operations and of the group as a whole.

The Group has identified these non-financial KPIs to measure progress of our strategic priorities and sustainability agenda. The Strategic Report and Sustainability Report provide further detail on the measurement, monitoring and improvement actions of our non-financial measures. These measures are all for continuing operations post the US disposal and have been adjusted to include a full year effect of Freshtime where possible.

Link to remuneration

The remuneration of Executive Directors is aligned closely with our financial KPIs through the Company’s Performance Share Plan (‘PSP’) and Annual Bonus Plan (‘ABP’). The performance element of the PSPs is measured on two fundamental KPIs, ROIC and Adjusted EPS, as well as Total Shareholder Return. The financial performance element of the ABP is also measured on ROIC and Adjusted EPS, however, for awards granted from FY20 onwards, they will be replaced with Adjusted Operating Profit and Free Cash Flow. Therefore, from FY20, four out of the six financial KPIs will be used to monitor the performance payouts. The performance against all of the financial and non-financial KPIs is taken into account when considering the personal and strategic element of the ABP. Further information can be found on page in our Report on Directors’ Remuneration.

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