Members of the Greencore category and insights team spent a day on the farm at the end of October to help support a local charity. The charity is set up to provide opportunities for marginalised members of the community to come together to work, learn how to farm and to feed themselves sustainably.

Rhubarb Farm, which is based in Nether Langwith near Mansfield, grows all of its crops organically and from seed. The work of the charity is to support people with complex needs, those recovering from addiction, young people that are not in education or training, and ex- offenders.

A group of 25 colleagues from Greencore decided to host a team-building event by volunteering at the farm for a day. During that time, they among other things, weeded, expended growing areas by digging out the width, cut boundary hedges, moved and rebuilt a patio, moved and cleaned storage racks, sorted and graded produce, cleared a building completely to make it ready for winter use by the animals, composted waste, sorted recycling and got food and herbs ready for food boxes. All in all, it was a very productive day for the team, and their hard work didn’t go unnoticed, with the farm manager saying that the team had done three months work in a single day!

Commenting on the event, Heidi Farrar, Category Development Director at Greencore said, “A big part of the culture at Greencore is to put people at the core of what we do. This ethos includes both our own people and the communities in which we operate. This is why Rhubarb Farm felt like a natural choice for our team-building event where my team was able to have fun, work together and contribute positively to the local community. As a fast-growing business, that continues to recruit new people, we know that job candidates will often choose to work for companies that care about their local communities. The feedback from the team has been extremely positive and we are looking forward to developing closer links with Rhubarb Farm.”

Anita Ollenrenshaw, Manager at Rhubarb Farm said: “The work the Greencore team did was priceless, many jobs that were completed would have taken us months to achieve and for this we are so grateful”.

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