As you will be aware, the Government is expected to provide an update on Sunday evening in relation to plans for how the UK will come out of lockdown.

Regardless of what is announced (and what will subsequently be broadcast by the media) we will not be making any changes to our current ways of working or to any of our processes or guidance straight away. Our business will continue to operate on Monday in the way we have been doing for the past few weeks e.g. those working from home will continue working from home, travel restrictions will remain in place etc.

Our top priority continues to be keeping our colleagues safe. It’s also vital that we continue to keep Britain fed while protecting our business for the longer-term. We will therefore review the plans that come out from the Government and use these to develop our own plan.

We will communicate with everyone when we are going to be making any changes and will continue to keep you updated regularly.

If you have any concerns in relation to this, please speak to your manager or come directly to me.

John Boyle
Group Head of Health & Safety

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