Sometimes things happen at work that you are not happy about. You may have experienced something yourself or seen something that makes you feel uncomfortable.

We take grievances seriously and encourage an open culture where concerns can be discussed. We would like any concerns to be raised and resolved quickly and informally where possible, and we always encourage colleagues to talk openly with each other.

We understand that sometimes this isn’t possible, and a more formal approach needs to take place. If it does, we will investigate the issue in a sensitive, objective and factual way.

What do I need to know or do?

A grievance is a concern or problem that someone may raise about their work or working environment, or where they feel they have been the victim of discrimination, harassment, bullying or unfair treatment. We first encourage you to have a conversation with your manager or your manager’s manager, discuss your concern and attempt to resolve the issue. The next stage would be a more formal, written grievance.

However, if you feel uncomfortable about raising an issue personally, and wish to do so anonymously, Greencore provides an independently run 24/7 service, whereby colleagues or anyone else, can raise  their concerns with senior management at Greencore – who will seek to understand the facts of the issue and take measures to resolve it.

What has changed?

Greencore has operated a Whistleblowing telephone hotline for many years and the principles of the service remain unchanged. However, on 9th September the name and phone number of the service provider will change from Expolink to Navex Global. You will still be able to register your complaint anonymously by phone and via the dedicated website.



UK: 0800 015 9729

Ireland: 1800 901 786


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