The wellbeing of our colleagues continues to be our top priority.

As we continue to work with Public Health England, and other government bodies, to support social distancing on site, we have agreed to temporarily stagger production start times in some of our units.  From 4th September we are making the following changes:

  • Unit B day shift – original start time of 6am- new start time is 7am
  • Unit D night shift – original start time of 10pm- new start time is 9pm


To help us through this difficult time we are asking colleagues who work in these units to support these changes.

We will also be following co-horting rules (working with the same group of colleagues all the time) which require us to restrict colleague movement between production areas.  This means that we will no longer be sharing and transferring colleagues between units during or between shifts.

As we are making this change for health and safety reasons, we want to be clear that it is not related to any current terms and conditions of employment, and specifically that we are not asking colleagues to provide flexibility under their current contracts.

We can also confirm that we will not be asking colleagues to work on after their nightshift, as that would defeat the object of changing the night shift start time. We may still ask colleagues on day shift to work overtime if necessary, so colleagues on day shift in Unit B may be asked to work up to 2 hours overtime, with a latest finish time of 5.30pm.

If there are reasons why this temporary change is difficult for you please let us know immediately. To support us in keeping all of our people safe we do need colleagues to accommodate these changes if at all possible.

Moving to these new shift timings will support our efforts to ensure social distancing is maintained. The changes would be effective from Saturday 5th September. All other shift times remain unchanged.

We appreciate your ongoing support at this challenging time.  Please stay safe and, as always, if you have questions or concerns, please contact or discuss with your manager upon return.

Please continue to do all you can to keep yourselves, your families and those around you as safe as possible.

The Northampton Leadership Team


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