• UK’s biggest sandwich maker Greencore reveals meal deal mania has reached record heights
  • Over half (52%) of sandwiches sold by supermarket chains are now bought as part of a combo, compared with 46% last year
  • The spike has been driven in part by soaring demand for “premium” meal deals which include more luxurious items like premium sandwiches, salads and sushi
  • Greencore says the once humble meal deal has now become a “foodie phenomenon”


25 July 2023 The share of sandwiches sold as part of a supermarket meal deal has reached record highs, according to food giant Greencore.

The company reported that 52% of sandwiches being sold by supermarkets are now purchased by customers as part of a set-price combo deal which typically includes a drink and snack up from 46% this time last year.

Greencore said that sales growth of combo deals is being driven in part by customer demand for “premium meal deals” which include deluxe items like premium sandwiches, salads and sushi.

Greencore’s Q3 trading update, published separately today, shows the growing popularity of premium deals helped it post a 9.3% revenue increase over the same period last year, demonstrating the resilience of the wider food to go category, as people increasingly return to the office or, in some cases, work second jobs and require sustenance on the move.

It is also helping to spur a supermarket fightback against expensive, specialist high-street food outlets.

In recent years, social media influencers have helped elevate the meal deal into a national obsession, posting videos of their lunch selections along with tips on where to get the best deals. Meanwhile, personal finance experts are increasingly devoting lengthy blogs to the subject.

Vix Leyton, presenter of the False Economy podcast, spoke recently about the buzz she got from supermarket receipts informing her: “You just saved £4 today”, saying that it felt like she was “getting one over on the supermarket.”

Andy Parton, Chief Commercial Officer of Greencore said: “Who could have predicted that the humble meal deal would become a foodie phenomenon? While meal deal purists will undoubtedly remain wedded to their sandwich, crisps and coke, products like premium sandwiches, salads, and sushi are bringing greater finesse and complexity to our lunchtime menus. As the nation’s tastes evolve, so does Greencore.”



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About Greencore

We are a leading manufacturer of convenience food in the UK and our purpose is to make every day taste better. We supply all of the major supermarkets in the UK. We also supply convenience and travel retail outlets, discounters, coffee shops, foodservice and other retailers. We have strong market positions in a range of categories including sandwiches, salads, sushi, chilled snacking, chilled ready meals, chilled soups and sauces, chilled quiche, ambient sauces and pickles, and frozen Yorkshire Puddings.

In FY22 we manufactured 795m sandwiches and other food to go products, 127m chilled prepared meals, 249m bottles of cooking sauces, pickles and condiments and 47m of chilled soups and sauces. We carry out more than 10,600 direct to store deliveries each day. We have 16 world-class manufacturing and 18 distribution centres in the UK, with industry-leading technology and supply chain capabilities. We generated revenues of £1.7bn in FY22 and employ more than 14,000 people. We are headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

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