Every 12 weeks Weight Watchers® brings you exciting new flavours with their Limited Edition Chilled Prepared Meals, meaning you never have to get bored if you’re looking for healthy meals when you’re short on time. This summer Weight Watchers is bringing the heat to the chilled aisle in your supermarket with this delicious Limited Edition Naked Enchilada & Mexican Style Rice.

Mexican food has become very popular over the past couple of years. With its zesty spices, bold colours and exotic flavours this Central American cuisine lends itself so well to a healthy, vibrant lifestyle.

The clever chefs at Weight Watchers have deconstructed the classic Mexican Enchilada recipe to offer a tasty alternative for just 304 kcal. This spicy meal packs a punch of flavour without the guilt, and you’ll feel even better knowing that it’s low in sugar and low in fat. Made with chicken breast pieces, juicy peppers and fiery jalapeños, grab this Limited Edition dish before it goes.

Weight Watchers Limited Edition Naked Enchilada & Mexican Style Rice:

  • SmartPoints value of 8
  • 304 kcal
  • 5.7g fat, 3.0g of which are saturated
  • 1 of your 5 A Day
  • RRP £2.59
  • Available from Asda, Morrisons and Ocado from the end of July


Weight Watchers meals also provide the promise that every single dish* is:

  • Less than 400 kcal
  • Low in fat
  • Low in sugar
  • Source of protein
  • Contain no artificial colours or flavourings




*Five nutritional promises apply to Weight Watchers’ core range of meals. Does not apply to Pots range (Spicy Mediterranean Vegetable Pasta; Smoky Sausage & Bean Stew; Spiced Chicken & Bombay Potato Curry; Hearty Bolognese & Fusilli Pasta)


For further information contact Katy Meehan at MCG PR on 0113 307 0113 or email katy.meehan@mcgpr.co.uk


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