Weight Watchers has redeveloped its range of chilled prepared meals this spring with a number of new and exciting recipes designed to make sticking to healthy eating easier than ever.

Every Weight Watchers chilled prepared meal is less than 400 calories, low in fat but also low in sugar – showing that you don’t have to compromise when it comes to making healthier choices. All of the meals have been developed by our team of chefs to provide a range of healthy convenient meal solutions – ideal for when time is tight or you simply just don’t fancy cooking.

New for spring, Weight Watchers chilled prepared meals range now includes seven favourite meals that have been redeveloped to contain No Added Sugar. These meals only contain naturally occurring sugars from fruit and vegetables – just like you’d make them at home. This means you can enjoy the likes of Creamy Chicken Korma and Basmati Rice, Italian Bolognese Bake or Creamy Mac and Cheese safe in the knowledge you’re opting for a smart and delicious choice.

The new revamped Weight Watchers range of meals now also offers four dishes that are suitable for those who are following their No Count plan.

The No Count approach is great for people who don’t want to count SmartPoints™ or weigh out ingredients, as it focuses on a list of healthy foods made up of lean proteins, low fats and nutritious vegetables that help fill you up faster, stay fuller for longer and avoid the types of foods that lead to overeating.

The range includes Hearty Cottage Pie, Spanish Chicken & Bean Stew, Chicken, Leek and Mushroom Pie and the new spring Limited Edition; South American Chicken with Verde Rice.

As well as nutrition, the newly developed range focuses on flavour and ingredient provenance; from the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese in the Italian Chicken Lasagne, Italian chopped tomatoes in the Italian Bolognese Bake and British Beef in the Chilli Con Carne to Lincolnshire sausages in the Sausage & Root Vegetable Mash.

Weight Watchers meals also provide the promise that every single dish is:

  • Less than 400 kcal
  • Low in fat
  • Low in sugar
  • Source of protein
  • Contain no artificial colours or flavourings

The re-launch ties in to Weight Watchers new plan, which focuses on a holistic approach to healthy living with food, fitness and wellbeing.

The new range will be rolling out in major retailers from April. RRP is £2.59 per dish.


*Weight Watchers Chilled Prepared Meals are produced under license by Greencore.


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