September sees back to school and a new routine for many of us. As autumn approaches and we adapt to further change, it’s a great time to introduce some positive healthy habits into our lives. Firstly, do you know your numbers?

According to a new national survey, nearly two thirds of the population do not know their blood pressure numbers and are ignoring the simplest steps in reducing risk of stroke, heart attack or heart failure. The great news is once high blood pressure is detected, it can be easily treated, in most cases, with small changes to your lifestyle.

Did you know?

  • Around a third of adults in the UK have high blood pressure, which means that more than five million people are unaware of their increased risk of potentially fatal health conditions
  • Each year 17.9 million die from Cardiovascular Disease, which is around a third of all deaths worldwide. This figure is predicted to rise to nearly 23 million by 2030
  • 350 people in the UK every day have a stroke or heart attack that could have been prevented


Get to know your numbers

High blood pressure is a major cause of heart attack and stroke, but most of us don’t even know the facts. Know your Numbers week is 7th – 13th September and is the nation’s biggest blood pressure awareness campaign aimed at encouraging everyone to know their numbers and take control of their health. Read more about what you can do in the this Know Your Numbers factsheet and on


Are you up for a health challenge?

Do you want to do all you can to keep your heart healthy? Then why not try the one week to better heart health with this challenge sheet – make it a team task virtually and get your colleagues, friends or family involved. Make the one week challenge stick and it’ll become part of your everyday.


September photo competition

Our August photo competition for Get Active was won by Kordian Kochowicz. Congratulations Kordian, your prize will be on its way to you very soon!

Send us your snaps! This month’s theme is looking after your health! How do you de-stress your heart? Whether you’re virtually socialising with friends, keeping active with bootcamp training or yoga, or maybe you prefer practicing mindfulness and meditation!

Send your photos to for your chance to win a prize!


Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle.

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