In 2013-14, the wettest winter on record saw 3,200 commercial properties flooded and 7,700 homes flooded. While the costs to businesses are still being counted from these floods, we know they can be high; the economic cost of the 2012 floods is estimated to be £70,222 for each business flooded.

There are around 260,000 business units employing 3.2 million people located in areas at risk of flooding and flooding is set to become more common as the climate changes.

The Environment Agency is running a flood campaign in November to make people think about what a flood could mean to their home and business and take action.

Greencore is supporting this campaign and joining the Environment Agency in urging other companies to take the following simple steps to help protect their business from flooding and to get ready for a changing climate.

See how the flooding affected our Selby facility in 2000.

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