This week, members of the Munster Rugby Academy attended a day long cookery workshop presented by Greencore, who is a sponsor of the Academy.

The event provided Academy players with some practical cookery skills to complement their training and the nutritional education they receive from Munster Performance Nutritionist Dr. Catherine Norton.

Across the day Greencore representatives Kate Rose (New Product Development Manager) and Chef Valerie Hamelin covered a wide range of recipes and cooking techniques tailored to meet the requirements of developing rugby players.

Areas covered included simple marinades, chicken casserole preparation, soup preparation and quick and healthy meal ideas.

Following a productive morning of peeling, chopping, marinating and cooking, the afternoon was dedicated to tasting and open forum feedback discussion for players.

Speaking after the event, Academy S&C Coach Joe McGinley spoke about the importance of upskilling players in the areas of nutrition and cooking.

“It’s one of the big pillars. We were just talking about it the other day, myself and one of the other coaches, on how the development of a player is mental, moral and physical, and the moral aspect of that is managing their lifestyle – taking responsibility, cooking healthily and giving themselves the foundation that they need.

“For me it’s probably the biggest aspect of a long and healthy career in any sport – to have a solid foundation in good food.”

Click here to see the video.

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