Greencore’s Prepared Meals business produces chilled ready meals, chilled sauces, chilled soups and quiches for the major retailers in the UK.

The business, like most of the categories in which it operates, is largely private label, although Greencore also produces under license for Weight Watchers and Little Dish.

Chilled Ready Meals

Greencore is a leader in chilled ready meals, supplying 150 million meals a year to a wide range of UK customers across the multiple, convenience and foodservice distribution channels.

Chilled Sauces and Soups

Greencore is the UK’s leading producer of own label chilled sauces.


Greencore is a leading manufacturer of quiches. Our state of the art bakery at our Kiveton site produces over 40 million quiches each year.

Chilled Food Distribution

Our Kiveton site is also the centre for our chilled distribution fleet. This is a large fleet of temperature controlled vehicles that provide cost-effective distribution for Greencore companies and, under contract, for other chilled food manufacturers.



150 million supermarket ready meals produced every year

five facilities in the UK

Contact Information

1. Consett

2. Kiveton

3. Warrington

4. Wisbech

5. Bristol


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