Greencore has joined 26 other leading UK retailers and food manufacturers in signing the UK Soy Manifesto and announcing a commitment to cutting deforestation and habitat destruction out of UK soy supply chains as soon as possible, and by 2025 at the latest.

In order to ensure rapid progress towards this goal, all signatories agree to:

  1. Setting a robust deforestation- and conversion-free commitment – so no soy arriving in the UK is responsible for habitats being cleared for agriculture after January 2020
  2. Asking direct suppliers to adopt the same commitment – and require that of their suppliers as well
  3. Writing Manifesto commitments into contracts and supporting suppliers to ensure targets are met
  4. Publicly sharing details of their progress
  5. Support improved reporting, in order to check that soy coming into the UK is not responsible for deforestation or destruction of other ecosystems


Signatories include 27 brands, retailers, food service companies and livestock producers operating in the UK, representing nearly 2 million tonnes of soy purchases each year and more than half (nearly 60%) of the UK’s total consumption.

Click here to read the full  UK Soy Manifesto press release.

Example of raw soy product which was harvested from a sustainable farm, Cerrado.

Photo credit: © Ana Paula Rabelo / WWF-UK

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