Greencore together with other key industry players has signed up to the ‘Step Up To The Plate’ pledge to significantly cut food waste.

This pledge builds on work that Greencore already doing to meet the ambitious UN Sustainable Development Goal 12.3 target to halve total food waste by 2030.



Commitment 1: Target Measure Act

  • My organisation will set an ambitious food waste reduction target, report on progress and prioritise action. We will support collaboration with our partners, playing our part in helping the UK deliver UN Sustainable Development Goal 12.3 target, helping to reduce our impact on climate change. As a food business, my organisation will adopt the WRAP and IGD Food Waste Reduction Roadmap.


Commitment 2: Collaborate on tackling citizen food waste

  • My organisation will embrace a Food Conversation week of action in November 2019 by spearheading activities and engagement with citizens, including the younger generation, to highlight the changes we can all make. In preparation for that week and beyond, we will work with WRAP to develop messaging, coordinate announcements, pilot and implement proven interventions to spark a new movement to change the social norm around valuing food.




Commitment 3: Inspire continued action

  • I will use my voice and profile to empower and encourage citizens, including the younger generation. I will work alongside Ben Elliot, the Government Food Surplus and Waste Champion, to inspire action to reduce the amount of food being wasted, reaching a crescendo of action during the Food Conversation week and thereafter.


Commitment 4: Change my habits

  • I will be a Food Value Champion at work and at home, buying only what I need and eating what I buy, wherever I am.

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