Greencore’s Prepared Meals team in Bristol recently took part in a community support initiative based on the popular BBC TV series Dragon’s Den. The purpose of the event was to allow our colleagues to pitch to the leadership team to ask for support for a local cause close to their heart.

As a result of this initiative the team at Bristol are extremely pleased to be able to offer the following donations to local organisations:

  • Wheatfield Primary School: £920.00 to fund the creative play pod for one year.
  • Worle Village School Kitchen: £500.00 to help buy kitchen equipment.
  • Stone Theory: £500.00 to fund a charity gig in Bristol in support of the charities Shelter and St Peter’s Hospice.
  • St Peter’s Hospice: £50.00 one off donation.
  • Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary: £50.00 one off donation.
  • Sign Language course opportunity pitched to help support team members of D shift – this is in the process of being implemented by the company.

Watch this space for more information on how the Greencore team in Bristol are supporting these local causes in 2017!

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