Have you been out to a pub or restaurant? Or visited your hairdresser? With restrictions slowly easing, many of us are now able to enjoy more ‘normal’ activities, still with social distancing in place.

Perhaps being able to get out and do things you haven’t been able to do has given you a sense of relief and a much-needed boost of positivity.

Many people will continue as before and choose to stay at home as much as possible. The new way of life may bring anxiety and stress as we adapt to new routines and safety measures.

There’s no ‘normal’ response to lockdown or lockdown easing. Your feelings might change. You might feel one way one day, and another way the next. It might not feel logical. And that’s okay.

As restrictions are being lifted differently across the UK, it might feel like others are following different rules to you. Your general mood may feel quite different to full lockdown, when most people were following the same rules. Discover ways to encourage healthy habits in your everyday life with our Thinking Differently factsheet.

Thinking differently

Nearly half of everything you do is decided by habits, so it’s important that they’re strong and positive. Discover how to incorporate good habits into your everyday routine to unconsciously contribute to your mental and physical wellbeing. Eating regularly, being active, sleeping enough and reducing all other sources of stress can help give you back the feeling of control.

Energy Levels webinar

Thank you to those of you who were able to join our webinar last week, discovering how to gain the energy levels you need, to help you to function at your best. For those of you who missed it, you can now watch it here.

July Photo Challenge & National Picnic Month

We’ve already received some great entries to our July photo competition but a reminder that this month’s topic is on nutrition and hydration. Combine this with July being National Picnic month. Whether out in your back garden, the local park or the beautiful countryside, pack up a picnic and enjoy eating al fresco. Spending time outside improves mood, reduces anxiety and helps us to feel calm.

Send your photo to: colleague.communications@greencore.com for your chance to win a mystery prize! 

GroceryAid Launches School Essentials Grant

GroceryAid have launched a School Essentials Grant to help reduce the financial impact on parents working in our industry when children go back to school in September.

Parents can apply for a grant of £150 per school-aged child (up to a maximum of three children per family) to go towards school essentials, subject to meeting the GroceryAid eligibility criteria. Find out more here.

We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.

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