As part of our pride celebrations this year, we want to highlight the importance of gender and gender identity.

Gender identity is a way to describe how someone feels about their gender. This is different from someone’s biological sex or assigned gender at birth, and from sexuality – it is how someone chooses to express their gender identity. Some may identity as male or female, while others may find neither of these feels right for them and identify as neither and be gender neutral.

We’ve attached our three-page ‘Quick Guide to Gender’ document, to further educate and support colleagues on the topic of gender identity.

If you would benefit from support or want to talk to someone about your sexuality or gender, you can contact Stonewall who can help find LGBTQ+ mental health services in your area. They are available at or Switchboard, who provide a one-stop listening service for LGBTQ+ people on 0330 3300630. You can also contact our peer-to-peer support service, Talk2Us at or our charity partner GroceryAid at

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