Local convenience food company Greencore and Cohort 4, a peer support group for women in North Warwickshire, have been working closely together throughout the pandemic to provide sandwiches for women and families in need.

Cohort 4 supports survivors of abuse, women with previous convictions, mental health issues, women who feel lonely and isolation and women who may be financially disadvantaged.

Beverley Gilbert, Founder of Cohort 4 said, “We made a cheeky request to Greencore in Atherstone to see if they might be able to provide our growing women’s support group with sandwiches and this weekly generosity has been so important throughout the pandemic. Our group are women who struggle and feel isolated and lonely at the best of times, so the Greencore sandwiches were doorstep delivered around the whole area to our women every week during lockdowns. For some women and their children, it was the food that was vitally important, but for most of the group it was the face to face, doorstep sandwich delivery that Cohort 4 maintained throughout COVID-19 restrictions that helped them cope.

Thanks to Greencore. Their ongoing kindness to our community of women with multiple disadvantages has been amazing and the sandwiches now play an important part in our weekly Women’s Lunch Club. They are delicious too!”

Nessie, a Cohort 4 group member said: “The sandwiches provide a meal for people who otherwise would struggle. Through the COVID-19 lockdown, a team of ladies brought us these sandwiches, with a smile and a chat at the door or window. I know just speaking for myself, that the interaction we have had and the support given to us has certainly helped me both mentally and financially.”

Nick Davies, General Manager at Greencore Atherstone says; “Greencore is a large local employer, and we have a duty to support the communities in which we operate. Since Greencore acquired ‘The Sandwich Factory’ in 2016 we have worked hard to implement our community ethos both within the factory and in the local community, and we are proud to be able to do this.”

The Greencore site, which is located on the Carlyon Industrial Estate in Atherstone currently employs 530 people and is looking to take on a further 90 people in June and July.

Anyone interested in more information about the roles on offer can visit: https://www.greencore.com/careers/

Click here to download the press release.

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