The following press release regarding Greencore’s support for a local road safety initiative was published on the Northants Police website earlier this month.

Road signs brought in to support pedestrian safety at Moulton Park

Published on Wednesday 13 July 2016 at 12:36

Moulton Park in Northampton has become the focus of a new project to improve the road safety of workers and other pedestrians.

A total of 10 road signs have been placed in busy areas of the industrial estate, to remind pedestrians of key safety messages.

The signs have been positioned close to pedestrian lights at the junctions of Deer Park Road and Redhouse Road.

The project came about after concerns were raised regarding pedestrian safety, so Northamptonshire Highways and the joint Safer Roads Team (Northamptonshire Police and Northamptonshire Fire & Rescue Service) worked with Greencore Food to Go (a major employer in Moulton Park) to identify areas where the signage should be introduced.

The project was funded by Greencore, and 2000 safety flyers were also distributed to staff within the company.

Sara Postlethwaite, Engagement Team Leader within the Safer Roads Team, said: “We are very keen to improve the safety of pedestrians walking to and from work in the Moulton Park area, or walking from one site to another.

“Pedestrians can end up in danger by failing to take very simple actions. By encouraging people to use the crossings correctly and by making individuals more aware of other road users’ behaviour we hope to improve pedestrian safety. Drivers are encouraged to slow down, look carefully at all times, particularly at crossings, and to avoid u-turns at junctions where crossings are located.

“We are grateful to Greencore for their input with this project and we hope the signs and leaflets will go some way to preventing collisions on the estate, making Moulton Park a safer place to work.”

Lee Hazlewood, Health, Safety & Environment Manager at Greencore Northampton, said: “We are very pleased to be able to work alongside the Northamptonshire Highways and the joint Safer Roads Team to help improve road safety for our employees working at our Northampton site and for all pedestrians in Moulton Park.”

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