What was it like working through the IGD Fast Track?

Easy and accessible as the programme was online and broken down into manageable sections that could be completed in-between, day to day responsibilities.

Relevant; everything that I was learning was relevant to the stuff that I was learning within my role so it was easier to understand.

What was the most interesting thing you learned?

Overall, what the future could look like for the Food Industry in terms of social impacts, shopper trends etc… as it prompted me to think more about how Greencore will respond and continue to perform to achieve its strategy and goal.

What was it like preparing for it?

Challenging, in a good way because;

  • I had to manage my time effectively, ensure that I had time to complete the presentation, make edits and practice for timing in addition to my day to day responsibilities in my role.
  • I had to learn to make concise points on the PowerPoints and expand on them verbally to make a better impact.
  • Had to work with my colleagues that don’t necessarily  work the same hours or closely to me to establish a common ground for the presentation.

All of the above did challenge me in a good way as the learnings from all of it will help me in any similar situations in future.

How was the experience of presenting to our UK CEO & HR Director and what did I get out of it ?

Overwhelming, Challenging and Motivating

The experience was slightly overwhelming because it was one of the first times I had presented my own work and ideas in a more formal setting in front of so many people so early on within a role. For this same reason it was also challenging for me; it was completely outside of my comfort zone, however from this I have gained more confidence in doing such things and will learn from the good and know how I could improve for further presentations that I may have to do in my role.

I found the overall experience very motivating, hearing Guy and Peter talk about how excited they are for us to be part of the company and the programme and to hear their positive feedback from the presentation reinforced how much of a fantastic opportunity this is.

  • Learnt about GME business improvement,which I found extremely interesting and I am keen to learn more about and how it can apply within my role going forward.
  • Despite all having varying roles within the company, communicating in ways such as the Q&A and discussions we had were really beneficial and can help to align everybody with in Greencore through sharing opinions and knowledge.

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