While the immediate changes to lockdown announced by the Government on Sunday evening are fairly minimal, for now there is still a lot of clarity to be put to many of the actions that were talked about. It is vital that any changes are implemented in a controlled and sustainable way, to ensure we remain on a positive road to recovery.

Therefore, we want to reiterate the communication that we issued last Thursday. Despite what has been announced by the Government, we will not be making any changes to our current ways of working or to any of our processes or guidance immediately.

For now, we will continue to operate in the way we have been doing for the past two months; e.g. those working from home will continue working from home, travel restrictions will remain in place and colleagues on furlough will remain furloughed, unless we contact them individually to inform them of changes.

We are of course in the process of reviewing the Government’s plans and are using these to tailor our own plans – when we are ready to make any changes, these will be clearly communicated.

Social distancing

We have worked very hard to keep colleagues safe in the workplace, and in general, everyone is following the social distancing measures, however, in some instances, individuals are relaxing their approach to social distancing in their personal lives.

If you are thinking about seeing wider family members or friends for a BBQ, meeting up with a group of friends for a bike ride, not socially distancing when you are in the park exercising, please stop and think about the impact this action could have on a colleague’s family and their health.

Whilst many of us may not be badly affected if we contract the virus, it is not just us being put at risk by not adhering to the rules, it is our network of family and friends, our colleagues at work, and ultimately the wider Greencore business.

We have taken excellent steps in keeping our colleagues safe at work – it’s vital we all apply the same emphasis to protecting ourselves outside of work.

Download our Save Lives at Work And At Home poster here.

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